Special Instructions

Do not include PO Boxes or Canadian/International addresses on lists.

Federal Express, UPS, and freight companies will not accept customer or distributor supplied shipping labels.

No liability is assumed for shipments lost, delayed, or returned because of insufficient address. Lists of recipients and addresses should be sent via e-mail or disk in MS Excel, CSV format.

Below is an example of a list in MS Excel format with fixed length single columns:

Field Size
29 30 30 30 25 2 10
Name Company Address 1 Address 2 City State ZIP
no commas two-letter

All other format of lists (i.e., typewritten, faxed, or MS Word documents) must be complete with name, street address, apartment number, city. state. and ZIP Code.

For these addresses, an additional handling charge of $1.00 (A) will be applied per location. Any address correction charges due to incorrect information provided will be charged back at the published rates.

Canadian and International Shipments: $8.00 (A) per location plus shipping charges.

Card Enclosure: Gift cards are available at $1.50 (A) each. No charge for enclosing gift cards you supply.